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Why Oil Changes Make A Difference

Ranked number one on the Car Care 101 checklist, oil changes are necessary to keep your car running at its best. A strict adherence to an oil change schedule will do wonders for your engine’s longevity.

  • Oil acts as a lubricant, preventing engine parts from rubbing against each other and disintegrating.
  • Oil has additives. Additives defuse acids.
  • Oil acts like a sponge, absorbing dust, combustion byproducts, and water and keeps these destructive elements away from the engine.

Time for a change? Schedule your oil change with Wantagh Mazda now!

When to schedule an oil change

Performing oil changes every 5,000 miles or according to the mileage recommended in the vehicle owner’s manual is an easy and frugal way to ensure your engine lasts as long as it should.

You may want to decrease the amount of miles between oil changes if you often drive on dirt roads, live in an extreme climate, regularly transport heavy loads, or drive with a lead-foot. An engine that’s out of its prime and burns oil will warrant and benefit from more frequent oil changes.

Decrease the amount of miles between oil changes if:

  • You travel often on dirt roads.
  • You live in an extreme climate.
  • You regularly transport heavy loads.
  • You use a lead-foot.
  • Your engine is out of its prime and burns oil.

Schedule your oil change with Wantagh Mazda now!

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