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What Is Sign & Drive Lease?

What Is Sign & Drive | Wantagh, NY

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If you’re shopping our selection at Wantagh Mazda, you’ve likely already fallen in love with your vehicle of choice, whether it’s the fun-to-drive Mazda MX-5 Miata or the practical yet premium Mazda CX-9. You’ve picked your vehicle and now you need to select your most ideal payment plan. If you want to get as much bang for your buck as possible, you’ll want to opt for one of our great Sign & Drive offers.


What's Sign & Drive?


It’s every bit as simple as it sounds: You sign on the dotted line and you drive your new Mazda off the lot. You make a $0 down payment. You have a $0 security deposit. You pay $0 in upfront bank fees. Sign, then drive. Simple.


Okay, What's the Catch?


There’s no catch. You won’t deal with the typical four-figure down payment, the unnecessary security deposit, or the usual lease acquisition or bank fees. They’re all off the table when you take out a Sign & Drive lease. In fact, Sign & Drive leases have the added benefit of less risk of loss of your down payment and other fees should the car be totaled or stolen at any point during the lease. And we include GAP INSURANCE at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE so you’re covered if there’s any “gap” in the insurance payoff to the leasing company if the car is ever deemed a total loss for any reason. Phew!


What Do I Have to Pay?


There’s no extra cost built in to a Sign & Drive lease. You’ll pay the same amount as you would over the course of a typical “money down” lease, only you won’t have to put a few thousand bucks up front! That means your monthly payments will be a little higher every month because you’re paying things over the course of the lease rather than all at once at signing. When you sign, you’ll just need to make your first month’s payment. That’s all! (Of course there’s always state taxes and applicable DMV fees — but, hey, that’s Uncle Sam… ) You can also choose to roll those taxes into the lease for a true Tax Included Sign & Drive deal!


Sounds Great! How Do I Qualify?


Having a good credit score helps. There’s no magic number to shoot for, but the higher your score, the better off you are. Usually 720+ is a good guide for required credit score. A Sign & Drive lease is built around trust based on your good credit history, which is why you don’t have to pony up all that cash before you can get behind the wheel. We trust that you signing a Sign & Drive lease with Wantagh Mazda will be the start — or continuation — of a long and beautiful relationship.


Is a Sign & Drive Lease All That Different From a Regular Lease?


Not really. You’re still making monthly payments and you’ll still be able to turn your Mazda in for a brand-new one at the end of the lease. Terms and conditions vary including allowable mileage and maintenance requirements, much like regular leases, so you’ll want to find the Sign & Drive lease that works best for your needs.


Ultimately, Sign & Drive leasing is just one of the many convenient options we offer at Wantagh Mazda. Whether you want to purchase or lease, whether you want a roadster or a crossover, our finance team will get you behind the wheel as quickly and as easily as possible.

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