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Commuters know better than anyone the stress of tight city traffic, stopped highways, and a whole lot of people who are tired, cranky, and almost late for work. No one is at their best when they’re driving in morning traffic, and between that and the congestion, your morning commute is one of the most dangerous times to drive of the day.


Perfect For Commuters

That’s why you need Smart City Brake Support, offered on the Mazda CX-3. This small crossover is perfect for commuters in more ways than one. It’s easy to maneuver, thanks to its size, but still spacious and sporty, and filled with safety features. Furthermore, the Mazda CX-3’s Smart City Brake Support will dramatically reduce your risk of getting in an accident at low speeds.



Maximum Stopping Power

Mazda says that 60% of rear-end accidents are at speeds under 25 miles an hour. When you’re in thick traffic, any time you glance away—to talk to your kids, change the radio station, and so on—you could end up hitting the car in front of you. But when you drive a Mazda CX-3 equipped with Smart City Brake Support, the laser sensor mounted to the windshield will sense that a collision is oncoming and will prepare the care to provide maximum stopping power when you brake. It’ll even engage the brakes for you if you go long enough without noticing the car in front of you.


Technology To prevent Accident

This technology is revolutionary for preventing accidents, especially for commuters. Long Islanders, if you’re looking for a comfortable, maneuverable car with great safety tech like this, come take the Mazda CX-3 for a test drive at Wantagh Mazda in Wantagh, NY.


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